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James Bond Bumps Down Godzilla vs Kong At The Box Office

Ever since Fast 9 hit theaters, Godzilla vs Kong held the #2 spot at the worldwide box office for a good part of 2021. In recent turn of events, the movie has just been bumped down to the #3 spot by No Time To Die.

This weekend showed the latest installment in the James Bond epic had just reached $525.66 million, surpassing Godzilla vs Kong’s $468 million.

In Thursday's article by Scott Mendelson from Forbes titled, How James Bond Movies Became More Popular By Refusing To Evolve, it reads, “With $103.8 million domestic and $474 million worldwide, Cary Fukunaga and Daniel Craig’s No Time to Die has passed the $468 million cume of Godzilla Vs. Kong. It’s the second-biggest Hollywood flick in terms of raw global grosses for 2020 and 2021.”

Worldwide box office numbers according to Box Office Mojo

I will say that Godzilla vs Kong getting bumped down by a more popular title was bound to happen. Yet, I expected this to happen much sooner. I expected Black Widow and Shang-Chi to be the movies to take the number 2 and 3 spots. I don’t expect Godzilla vs Kong to stay at the #3 spot for very long with Dune having just released this weekend making $220.7 million worldwide.

The Eternals and Spiderman: No Way Home coming out very soon it is very much up in the air. The only reason why Black Widow and Shang-Chi fell short at the box-office was because both of them didn't release in China. I don't know how The Eternals will turn out, but I think Spiderman: No Way Home will outdo the rest of the Marvel movies released this year due to interest from fans in seeing if a Spiderman cinematic universe will take shape from this. And that almost seems like that is what is being built up to with Sony's Venom and the upcoming Morbius movie.

For what it is worth, the fact that Godzilla vs Kong stayed at the #2 spot for this long really shows just how much this movie has made an impact and how it did much better than most movies this year. Godzilla vs Kong opened in theaters and on HBO Max on the same day and it proved that people were ready to come back to theaters after a whole year of the COVID-19 lockdowns. People didn’t want Godzilla vs Kong, but rather NEEDED Godzilla vs Kong. People were dying to see a movie that wasn't just another Marvel or DC movie. Without it, I am sure we would still be talking about movies that released this year getting delayed into 2022/2023.

What are your thoughts Godzilla vs Kong booted off the #2 spot? Were you hoping it would stay at #2 the whole year or were you expecting it to drop? Leave a comment in the comments section of your thoughts on this recent development. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, and Gab to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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24 dic 2021

Big oof but to be fair we haven’t seen a James Bond movie in a long time since mission impossible: fallout

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