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"Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters" Episode 5 (Review)

In the last episode of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, our main story A characters (Cate, Kentaro, May, and Old Lee) were stranded in the mountains of Alaska. Kentaro decided to follow the location of a strange light he saw to look for help while a Titan called the Frost Vark chases our main characters. Kentaro had to face his past in these strange illusions while Lee and Cate has to find a way to distract the monster. A rescue helicopter arrives just in time Kentaro saving them, but them being saved was short lived when they find out Monarch associate Tim was waiting for the group at the landing area.

In this episode, our gang have been locked up and Natalia Verdugo, one of the directors at Monarch, and her cronies try to probe the inmates. Tim actually suggests that they recruit Cate and Kentaro because they are descendents of Bill Randa and that Monarch is part of their legacy and heritage and that the kids should be let go. Natalia disagrees, but Duvall intervenes and agrees with Tim saying that they should at least let them go to find out if they will continue their search for Hiroshi. Natalia agrees on the condition that Lee stays locked up to allow her to probe what he knows. The kids are let go and decide to trek through the ruins of San Fransisco to look for more clues for Hiroshi's whereabouts.

Much like episode four, episode five was another filler episode that made me wish for more of the main story B with Young Lee Shaw, Young Bill Randa, and Dr. Keiko Miura. Right now, I am not liking the characters for main story A. In the beginning of the show, they were tolerable and understood because not only was Cate and Kentaro were grieving over their father's death, but found out their father was living a double life and with two families. May was dragged into their family affairs because they were curious in finding out what else their two-timing father was hiding and May wanted nothing to do with it. Their disdain for each other and their rude behaviors I would have thought they should grow out of by now. While Cate and Kentaro have warmed up to each other a little bit, May is still sort of a cold bitch even after being saved by Cate in Alaska. Cate and Kentaro had to BEG her to stay with the group rather letting her take the next flight and saying adios.

May, Cate, and Kentaro avoiding detection by security underneath San Fransisco

I will be honest, seeing May going home by herself would have been a more interesting episode. She is a bitch, but she really needs to self discover why she is so important to the group. Let her do own investigating. Right now, she is more of a third wheel who just wants out of this mess. Show something like May having copies of the files Monarch is after and would try to throw them in the trash, yet couldn't due to her curiousity getting the best of her. This would lead to a new discovery that would help Cate's and Kentaro's investigation and getting back on a plane to San Fransisco. This would be a better way to go about it than having to hear Cate and Kentaro beg her to stay.

I did like the scenes when Verdugo tries to interogate Old Lee and Old Lee throws the interogation back at her. He argues that the Monarch he knew when it was first started is not the same currently. Monarch had 60 years to prepare for G-Day and their solution to getting rid of the MUTOs was "Let them fight" as if it was the dumbest idea he ever heard. And it was a dumb idea because he brought up a very good question that many fans would have the answer to already through countless discussions. "What if Godzilla had died?" We have seen Godzilla take so many beatings through out the Monsterverse movies to the point where he almost dies in every single one of them and either the humans had to step in or Kong had to rescue him. Godzilla is just not as powerful as Monarch would like to think. He is powerful enough to win a fight against a monkey on his own, but too weak to save himself from more powerful monsters. So when Lee asks Verdugo what would have happened if Godzilla had died, he says it in a way that questions her leadership and the many other directors in Monarch including Dr. Serizawa. So I enjoyed the banter between these two. There are no monsters in this episode, as well. The monster in this episode was Monarch this time. Next week's episode, however, is going to be quite an episode in terms of monsters and monster action and I can't wait to see how that turns out.

The final thing I need to bring up is the giant elephant that Twitter is clamoring this episode over and it is the reveal of Cate being gay. Ever since this episode was dropped, this reveal had Twitter celebrating over it even as far as trying to stick it to the so-called "bigots." Honestly, I do not really care if she is gay. Cate has not been one of my favorite characters through out the show. I have always been iffy on the character since the first episode and now I am growing tired of her. She, too, is a bitch to everyone especially to those that are trying to help her. Even the day before G-Day, she is even shown cheating on her girlfriend with another lover just like her dear old dad. Like father, like daughter, am I right? So why should I continue caring about this character if she is not really a good person from the start? We are five episodes in and she mostly bitches and moans. It is time for her character to develop and same for the rest of the cast of main story A. Otherwise, just give me more of the characters from main story B. I would rather watch two guys and a woman scientist search for monsters.

Overall, episode five of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is just another filler episode. The characters are becoming annoying and I wish there was some character development that can make them more likeable. Instead, they're stuck to being whiny assholes. The only thing I liked this episode was Lee's banter with Verdugo and his rant about Monarch's poor leadership.

What are your thoughts on episode five? Did you like the episode or did you think it was one of the weaker ones? Leave a comment in the comments section of your thoughts on Monarch: Legacy of Monsters episode five. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and TRUTH Social to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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