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News Round Up: Third Monster Revealed For Gamera: Rebirth And Trailer For Meg 2: The Trench Arrives

Gamera: Rebirth Unveils Gamera's Third Opponent:

Shark week certainly arrived sooner rather than later as we have seen two jawsome news revealed to us and our first piece of news was quite a surprise. On Sunday May 7th, a new poster for Gamera: Rebirth got revealed. Much like the previous posters, it unveils one of the monsters that will appear in the anime and this one unveils another monster from Gamera's movies from the Showa era, which turns out to be Zigra.

First appeared in the movie Gamera vs Zigra, this monster's design was originally based on a goblin shark. Zigra was the leader of an alien race called Zigrans and much like all of the aliens in monster movies sought out Earth to conquer. Zigra was defeated by Gamera, but not before being used as a xylophone. Since then, it had only appeared one other time in stock footage in the movie Gamera: Super Monster and has not been seen in any other Gamera films since then.

While the origins of this new Zigra in the anime has not been revealed yet, the monsters new design is a drastic change based on the silhouette. Zigra's fins are now more like wings making it look more like a manta ray than a shark. It doesn't even look like the new design retains Zigra's beak, but the top of the monster's head is flat based on the original design. The poster does show the monster from the top one won't know how the monster will look until we get a reveal of the monster's full design.

With this poster revealed, a new trailer should follow up soon. There is usually a trailer that gets dropped right after a new poster is revealed. Trailers would usually feature the new monster that was revealed even if it is only for a second. It could be today while I am typing this post or tomorrow that a new trailer drops and we get to see Zigra in action. On the other hand, it could even be that we won't see a trailer this week. It could be until close to the end of May that we get to see Zigra in action.

I did run a poll before the poster dropped asking which monster you guys thought would be next to be revealed. Zigra only got 1% while Guiron was the most popular having 58% of the votes, Barugon in second with 18%, Iris in third with 11%, Zedus with 5%, a new monster with 5%, and everyone else with 1%. It is telling that the anime is aiming to bring back monsters strictly from the Showa era and it even shows that monsters from that era like Guiron and Barugon are the most popular choices based on the poll. However, fans also want to see other monsters from other eras like Iris and Zedus get a chance in the spotlight. There are even those that want to see a new monster appear, as well. I am leaning towards the idea that Gamera: Rebirth will be strictly casting monsters from the Showa era. Yet, there is always a small possibility a monster from the Heisei era or a new monster could pop up, as well.