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November Is Going To Be The Greatest Month For Godzilla Fans

Through out the second half of 2023, we have been clamoring about how Godzilla fans are going to be "eating good" starting this November. And it is true. There is a lot that fans should be excited for. We have a lot of stuff coming up and it is all coming quicker and sooner that we will only be barely able to keep up.

We have Godzilla's 69th Anniversary celebration, which will focus on the 50th anniversary of Godzilla vs Megalon. During this celebration, there will be two short films being presented. The first is the CGI animation short film Godzilla vs Megalon. This short film was made by Gemstone, the same animation studio that did G vs G and the sequel Godzilla vs Gigan Rex last year. After the battle against the Gigan invasion, Godzilla must protect Earth once again against Megalon, a god that is worshipped by an ancient civilization, from wiping out the planet. This is scheduled to air at 12:20 PM JST on November 3rd (10:00 PM CST/11:00 PM EST on November 2nd in America).

The second short film will be shown off much later in the day (or night if you are in America) called GodzillaFest 4: Operation Jet Jaguar. Much like GodzillaFest 3: Gigan Attacks, this short film is live action with suitmation. Godzilla returns this time attacking Tokyo for unknown reasons. This time, however, Japan has a new weapon to combat the king of the monsters. The suit for Jet Jaguar has been remade thanks to funds being backed by Japanese fans. So far, the trailer for Operation Jet Jaguar only showcases only Godzilla and Jet Jaguar fighting each other and it looks really nice from a practical effects stand point. I do wonder if this is all we are gonna see or if Megalon shows up and this is why Godzilla has been on a rampage across Tokyo in this short. This short begins airing at 5:00 PM JST (3:00 AM CST/4:00 AM EST).

I predict this year will be similar to last year's Godzilla-Fest. Godzilla vs Megalon will most likely be readily available to watch any time much like Godzilla vs Gigan Rex, but Operation Jet Jaguar will be taken down after a week or so. Gigan Attacks did not stay up for very long and many were hoping for Toho Co to have only that film ready to watch on YouTube and it never happened. Fans have went out of their way to extract last year's short film from the live stream only to be struck down with copyright claims. I do wish Toho Co. would make these short films more readily available. Not everyone is going to be able to watch them at any given time. Fans regard them as part of Godzilla's history. If anybody from Toho is reading this, all I ask is to make these short films more available to watch. I know Godzilla vs Gigan Rex is online right now, but will that be taken down after Godzilla vs Megalon goes online? Are there other channels that fans can go to watch Gigan Attacks and Operation Jet Jaguar after they have been shown on a livestream and not have to worry about preserving them ourselves? This is something that Toho Co. can consider before November 3rd roles around: A YouTube channel where Toho Co. can upload their short films on a yearly basis and fans can go to watch at any given time.

On that same day, Godzilla Minus One releases in Japan and pre-sale tickets go on sale in America. Based on early reactions, the movie is being hailed as a masterpiece. Of course, Shin Godzilla was hailed as a masterpiece too, so I am reserving my judgement until I see the movie. I will say that the movie looks much more lively with how Godzilla goes on a rampage and the movie itself looks beautifully shot, so far. America will be getting this film on December 1st, but there is an early access IMAX screening on November 29th. It has been recently announced the movie will also be making its way to the UK on December 15th, just two weeks after America's release. If you are in America and you want to see Minus One in IMAX, November 29th is going to be your best bet because once that day has passed the movie is out of IMAX. So make sure to plan for that day if IMAX is how you want to watch this movie.

To end this year's anniversary, Toho has planned a special celebration march to Godzilla's 70th Anniversary next year. Starting November 3rd of this year to November 3rd 2024, there will be tons of Godzilla content that includes the short films, the movies, and the upcoming Apple TV series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. However, there will be more than just those coming our way. What kind of content are they? We will find that out when the time comes when Toho announces their plans through out 2024.

Then on the exciting day of November 17th, the first two episodes of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters drops on Apple TV+. Many have said, "There is no way there will be a whole lot of monster action because of budget," but the trailers have shown otherwise that there is going to be plenty of monster action, plenty of story, and, based on reports, plenty of Godzilla in this show. Taking place after Godzilla's battle against the MUTOs in San Fransisco, Cate embarks on a journey to unravel a family legacy that connects her family to the secretive government organization Monarch and former military operative Lee Shaw, who has more connections to Monarch and the Titans than most, threatens the secrecy of the organization. New episodes will air once a week and each episode is an hour long with a total of ten episodes. This means by the time the show ends it will be January 12th, which by that time we should expect our first trailer for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. The show is even said that it is suppose to lead into the next movie. Based on reactions of the first episode shown at NYCC, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters has been given high praises for going back to that more grounded roots Gareth Edwards originally established in Godzilla (2014) and that it feels like a true follow up to the 2014 movie.

While we have Godzilla Minus One in December, Monarch on Apple TV running through January, and Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire in April 2024, the majority of Godzilla content begins this November. This is Thanksgiving for the Godzilla fans which the TV show is the turkey, the two short films are the peas and potatoes, and Minus One is the pie at the end. So be prepared because this will be the greatest month Godzilla fans will ever have and it is only going to get more crazy from there.

What are you most excited for this November? Will you be seeing Godzilla Minus One in IMAX or are you waiting for December to see the movie? Will you be watching the Godzilla anniversary livestream on November 3rd? Will you be watching Monarch: Legacy of Monsters each week or wait until all of the episodes are available and binge watch them? Leave a comment on which one you are most excited for. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and TRUTH Social to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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