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Skull Island Revealed And MONARCH “Season 2” Already Given The Green Light

The Monsterverse series has been known to be kept quiet by Legendary until they are ready to show it off. The same is true for future Monsterverse installments such as the animated Netflix series Skull Island and the upcoming Apple TV series MONARCH: Legacy of Monsters. However, an official poster and first trailer for Skull Island has just dropped and there is reason to believe season 2 of MONARCH has already been given the green light.

Skull Island Revealed:

First announced back in 2021, Skull Island had remained elusive until now. We got our first look with the image of Kong's footprint last year and nothing more. The show was even brought into question many times because of how this project was kept quiet. With the show now fully revealed with a poster, a trailer, AND a release date not only can we put these fears aside, but we only have to wait a little less than a month to watch the show.

Tons of monsters ranging from old to new will be present in the animated series including the Skull-Crawler, which was first introduced in Kong: Skull Island. The description of the show's plot goes as followed:

"Skull Island" takes viewers on a thrilling adventure as a group of kind-hearted explorers rescues Annie from the ocean, unaware of their act of heroism will lead them to the treacherous Skull Island. This enigmatic place is home to bizarre creatures and terrifying monsters, including the mighty titan himself, Kong.

Nicolas Cantu will be voicing the main character, Charlie, along with Mae Whitman as Annie, Darren Barnett as Mike, Benjamin Bratt as Cap, and Betty Gilpin as Irene. Animation was done by studio Powerhouse Animation who are known for their other two Netflix animated shows Castlevania and Blood of Zeus. Brian Duffield (known for Cocaine Bear and Love and Monsters) created, written, and executive produced Skull Island along with Thomas Tull, Jacob Robinson, Brad Graeber, and Jen Chambers.

Now knowing Skull Island will premier on Netflix on June 22, waiting for the show is actually much more tolerable as it is only a short wait. Animation looks great. It is action packed. I'm just hoping on how this show will turn out.

It is becoming more noticeable that the kaiju genre is venturing into the realm of animation. Godzilla has already been there twice with the Polygon trilogy and Godzilla: Singular Point, there is Pacific Rim: The Black that turned out really well, Gamera has one coming up later this year with Gamera: Rebirth, and Ultraman is finishing up its third season and a new Netflix adaptation is currently in the works. Thus far, the genre in anime has had ups and downs, but Skull Island is looking to be pretty good and it has me pretty excited.

Season 2 of MONARCH Already Given The Green Light: