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The Disguised MechaGodzilla Theory: Which Godzilla Is Which?

Ever since the Godzilla vs Kong trailer dropped, there have been a lot of speculation on whether or not the Godzilla we're seeing in the trailer is actually the real Godzilla or is MechaGodzilla in disguise. There are a lot of fans that argue for it and there are a lot of fans arguing against it. Both sides make clear points. On one side, they point out some small details and behaviors in some parts of Godzilla we have not seen before. On the other side, they point out that because some changes in his behavior are odd doesn't really mean that it's a disguised MechaGodzilla. However, I am believing that there is some truth behind this theory, but I have a theory on my own.

Think about APEX's goal. Their main goal is to kill all of the monsters as according to the synopsis. Why build a giant robot in the shape of Godzilla? Godzilla is the apex predator. He is the king of the monsters and as the king, there are monsters that bow to him and they do as they are told. With MechaGodzilla in disguise, APEX can trick the monsters into thinking that MechaGodzilla is Godzilla as a way to lure them in and then kill them right then and there. Also, with a disguised MechaGodzilla APEX can set up the fight between Godzilla and Kong to make them kill each other. Make Kong fight the fake Godzilla so when Kong sees the real Godzilla, Kong will think it's the same Godzilla that attacked him on the aircraft carrier and killed all of those people. It would be the perfect set up to frame Godzilla as the villain.

But where does that leave Godzilla then? Godzilla's role is to restore balance like he always has been in the previous two movies. I am under the belief that Godzilla has caught wind that APEX built MechaGodzilla, used it to kill the monsters, and is trying to get to MechaGodzilla so he can destroy it and restore balance of nature.

Could that be why we see Godzilla destroying an industrial area? Is he attacking APEX facilities because he knows MechaGodzilla was there? Perhaps that could be why. Yet, there is a lot of people asking which Godzilla is which and I think I have a way to tell.

If you look at Godzilla's dorsal plates and his atomic breath in these shots. On the left side, you have a Godzilla with a much darker blue color where on the right side his breath and plates are a light blue color. Another thing to note is how the two atomic breaths has are different. The Godzilla in Hong Kong has more of a beam where the Godzilla attacking the industrial area has more of a laser. Also, the way Godzilla fires his breath underwater or in the city attack scene has no recoil or "oomph" to it. He just looks straight up and fires. Usually, when Godzilla fires his atomic breath there is a recoil or an "oomph" to it. Especially when you look at the "call to arms" scene in Godzilla: King of the Monsters Godzilla jerks his head up into the air and fires his breath. In the underwater and city attack scenes, his head and body moves sort of mechanically and his breath has no recoil after he fired his shot.

Take a look at his postures. In the scenes with him in Hong Kong, his arms are usually tucked to his side when firing his breath. Now, look at the Godzilla in the city attack scene. Godzilla's arms are not only tucked in like they should be, but we have never seen Godzilla hunched that far over. You can argue that we have seen him hunched over in Godzilla (2014) after he killed the Male MUTO and when he was retreating back into the ocean at the end of the movie all tired out. But if Godzilla really wanted to use his atomic breath at a city, he does not need to be that hunched over. In fact, if you turn towards the toy leaks from last year you can see that MechaGodzilla is more hunched over than Godzilla.

Lastly, I want to take a look at the prototype of the PlayMates Toys Mega Godzilla toy (Left). If you remember, the toy had this red armor and a lot of us were speculating on what this red armor could be and it resulted in probably just a toy gimmick. It still could be just a gimmick, but ever since Kong's axe was confirmed to be in the movie and the possibility of MechaGodzilla in disguise it made me rethink what that armor could be used for. Now, I think that this red armor could be a device that creates a holographic Godzilla suit for MechaGodzilla and it got exposed. Look at the picture of the Mega Godzilla toy and the MechaGodzilla toy and you can find a lot of similarities between the red armor and the design of MechaGodzilla. Right now, the final product does not have that red armor and it is a shame because I would have liked to have seen a close up on that red armor.

So here is my theory. APEX builds MechaGodzilla to not only kill all of the monsters, but to frame Godzilla as the bad guy. Godzilla recognizes that something is wrong, figures out that it was MechaGodzilla that was killing the monsters, and he goes in search for the robot. This causes a lot of problems for APEX and their goal to get rid of all of the monsters so they turn to Kong to fight their battles for them. However, in order to get Kong and Godzilla to fight each other they send MechaGodzilla in disguise to attack Kong on the aircraft carrier. By attacking the aircraft carrier it plants the seed in Kong's head that Godzilla is the enemy. So while Godzilla and Kong are fighting, APEX can continue with their mission to kill all of the monsters without any interruptions. And just for good measure, APEX sends MechaGodzilla disguised as Godzilla to destroy some cities as a way to make Godzilla look even more like he is the antagonist of the movie.

Remember, this is all speculation. I have seen a lot of people get angry at the idea of MechaGodzilla in a disguise. This is not to say that I don't agree with anyone that are opposed to the idea. I also think that disguising MechaGodzilla is sort of lame, but I also thought that having MechaGodzilla in the movie in general was a dumb idea. I have presented my evidence, talked about how it could be possible, and talked about the purpose for disguising MechaGodzilla. If it is just Godzilla going all out villain, then I am all for it. I would rather have Godzilla turn on humanity for crossing a line than have MechaGodzilla appear in disguise as Godzilla. But let's say MechaGodzilla does have a disguise, the possibility that Kong is fighting MechaGodzilla the whole movie is slim. You can have Kong fight the disguised MechaGodzilla and then not have MechaGodzilla appear for most of the movie to allow the real Godzilla and Kong have their fight. So there is nothing really to worry about.

What are your thoughts on the disguised MechaGodzilla theory? Does it hold water or do you think Godzilla is the villain all the way through? Let me know of your thoughts in the comments section. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe, Minds, and Gab to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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