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Yes, you heard that right! The community as a whole has reached over 1000 followers totaling at 1,070 and climbing!

Here are the totals going from highest to lowest:

  • Twitter: 829

  • Facebook: 208

  • MeWe: 24

  • Parler: 23

Ever since 2017, I started the blog as a hobby to share my thoughts on monster movies, video games, and books. As my blog grew, the community grew with it. I never really imagined reaching to 1,000 followers. Without all of you coming to my page, reading my blog posts, commenting on them, and sharing them with everyone I would not be where I am now. I would've given up after a year. You guys are the reason that I keep going to this day and I still enjoy providing you content and reading your comments on the content.

I am always looking to expand and experiment in new ways to bring you the news and content. I do have something in mind to continue that expansion next year. Let's just say, you might hear my voice for the first time. I will be trying to make videos for the blog. If it turns out well then it could turn into a permanent thing.

I also want to thank Rob Rosado from Entertainment Talk Nation (aka E.T.N.) on YouTube for giving me the inspiration that I needed to start this blog. I recommend checking out his channel. He covers a lot of Godzilla content and much more such as The Mandolorian, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC universe, and video games. He has some very bold opinions that requires you to have tough skin. So if you think you can handle his videos please show that guy some love by checking out and following his YouTube channel.

Thank you to all of you no matter which social media platform you're coming from! Let's see if we can get to 2,000 followers in total! I wish all of you a merry, kaiju-sized Christmas.


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