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Closer Look At Gamera’s And Gyaos’s New Design In New Gamera: Rebirth Teasers

On Sunday night, Kadokawa and Netflix had released a couple more teasers on YouTube and social media for the upcoming Gamera anime series, Gamera: Rebirth. In this new teaser, we get a little more information about the new anime, a closer look at Gamera's new design, and the unveiling of Gyaos's new design.

From the teaser preview, Kadokawa reveals the show will be six episodes with a total of five monsters for Gamera to fight. Usually, one full season of an anime series is 12-24 episodes long. In this instance, Gamera: Rebirth is taking the shorter route. If done right, telling a story in six episodes is doable. Pacific Rim: The Black was seven episodes for all two seasons and it became my number one favorite anime out of all the anime in the kaiju genre. The characters were not boring, the story was consistent, and it had a perfect balance of action to keep my attention. So I can see Kadokawa taking notes on shows like Pacific Rim: The Black and Godzilla: Singular Point analyzing what those show did right and what they got wrong. One thing that all of the kaiju anime have in common is that they use CG to animate the monsters. Based on the teaser preview, Gamera: Rebirth is doing the same to animate Gamera.

Speaking of the five monsters, Gamera's long time nemesis, Gyaos, is confirmed to appear in the show in a teaser poster. Gyaos is basically the King Ghidorah of the Gamera series and is the only monster to consistently reappear in the franchise. There are four other monsters left to reveal and I have a feeling that other monsters from past Gamera films will have a chance to appear in Gamera: Rebirth. I can see Legion and Iris appear since they were part of Gamera's history that was good, but I would like to see other monsters get reinvented and redesigned for this anime. However, it is not too farfetched if we saw a new enemy monster to appear. I will place my bet that at least one new monster will be featured in Gamera: Rebirth. The franchise is more known to introduce new monsters more than rehashing previous monsters from the Gamera roster.

Lastly, the teaser preview has shown a closer look at Gamera's new design and I have to say it looks very close to the 2016 concept trailer and I am starting to believe that this could be the case. If you put the image of the Gamera from 2016 concept trailer and the Gamera from the anime teaser preview they are almost identical. The only difference I see, so far, is the shell. Gamera's shell in the anime is much wider than the shell in the 2016 concept trailer. Other than that, he looks about the same.

So far, the show looks like it is turning out to look pretty good. There is still no release date for the show, but it is promised to release this year. I will say one thing for sure is that at least we saw something for Gamera: Rebirth assuring us that it is coming to Netflix unlike Skull Island, which we are completely in the dark on.

I want to know what your thoughts are on the teaser trailer and poster for Gamera: Rebirth. Do you find a lot of similarities between the two Gamera designs or do you think they're more different? What are your thoughts on the Gyaos design and which monsters do you think will appear in the show? Leave a comment in the comment section of your thoughts on the new teaser trailer and poster for Gamera: Rebirth. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and TRUTH Social to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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