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DeVito Artworks Teams With GameMill Entertainment For King Kong Video Game

In a recent article from Global License, DeVito Artworks have teamed with video game studio GameMill Entertainment to work on a video game adaptation of King Kong of Skull Island.

Senior vice president of business development and licensing at GameMill Entertainment, Andy Koehler, comments, "We are thrilled to partner with DeVito Artworks' King Kong of Skull Island and look forward to expanding and bringing the the iconic King Kong to life in gaming. We have a long track record of bringing some of the world's top franchises to life in the video game space. Our partners include Paramount, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Cartoon Network, Disney, PGA Tour and Discovery, among others."

Joe DeVito, owner of DeVito Artworks, comments on the partnership. "I could not be more excited to be working with GameMill Entertainment's talented team that will provide both King Kong fans and gamers the chance to experience King Kong's primordial world in a gamified way. We continue to expand our King Kong licensing program in various categories, including VR arcade games, collectibles, comic books, and board games."

DeVito Artworks has been mainly known for their work on the King Kong of Skull Island comic books, but they have done art pieces for other comics such as Doc Savage, Tarzan, and The Sinister Shadow. King Kong of Skull Island is also getting adapted for Disney's King Kong show for Disney+.

When it comes to GameMill Entertainment, they do not exactly have a great track record. They are known to make multiplayer games that are mediocre and very bare-bones. They have developed titles including Nickelodeon Kart Racers, Kart Racers 2, Kart Racers 3, Nickelodeon All–Star Brawl, Cruis'n Blast, Cobra Kai, and Cartoon Network Battle Crashers. If you look up the audience scores for their games on MetaCritic, their games average around a 6 - 6.5 audience score.

I will admit, I have played Nickelodeon All–Star Brawl because of the hype surrounded by it and I ignored the reviews for this game thinking it can't be that bad. However, it turned out to be pretty bad because the controls were too clunky to handle and there was no single player mode. The game was very bare-bones at best as there were no other game modes, not even for multiplayer. This game was meant to be played with other people, but if I want to play with other people I would just save them the time and play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

While there is no examples or footage of the game, the fact that GameMill Entertainment are known to make mediocre games gives an idea that our expectations should be tempered. It has been a long time since we have had a King Kong video game, which I can see people excited upon first hearing about the news. Last time there was a King Kong video game was Peter Jackson's King Kong released on the PlayStation 2, XBox, XBox 360, GameCube, and PC. The game came out around the same time the 2005 movie King Kong was released in theaters and was praised heavily by both critics and gamers for the immersive environments, action sequences, and the ability to play as the two main protagonists: Jack Driscoll and King Kong.

What we can expect from this new King Kong game will most likely be a multiplayer game of some sort. GameMill usually focuses on three kinds of genres: fighting, party, and racing. I am betting this new King Kong game will be a fighting game as that is how most video games based around giant monsters usually turn out as. Another idea is that GameMill could try something new such as maybe a side scrolling beat'em up game. You play as King Kong fighting dinosaurs and monsters while you try to get from point A to point B and you upgrade King Kong's strength and endurance after beating each level. GameMill Entertainment has the opportunity to do something crazy and there are so many ideas they could do with this game, but it will most likely be a safe game that everybody will forget after the game is launched.

What are your thoughts on GameMill Entertainment and DeVito Artworks teaming up to work on a King Kong video game? Do you think this is a game we could get excited for? Have you played any of the games developed by GameMill Entertainment? Leave a comment in the comments section of your thoughts on a new King Kong game in development. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and TRUTH Social to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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