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Expectations For 2021

As 2020 closes and 2021 begins, I thought about doing a post looking back at 2020. When looking back on it the first thing I thought was, "Wow, 2020 was truly a shit year." There was nothing really great about 2020. The whole post would just be about me complaining about Godzilla vs Kong being pushed back to May 21 and repeating my other posts about how moving the movie to HBO Max was a necessity. So I don't want to do that again. However, there are things that we should expect in 2021.

COVID has really screwed up the whole year for all of us and I don't blame the virus. I blame our politicians, the CDC, W.H.O, China, and Dr. Fauci for exploiting the virus to be a political issue rather than an economic issue. However, earlier in December we did start seeing the new vaccine being distributed. So far, the only known side-effect to the vaccine is an allergic reaction to one of the components of the vaccine. While side-effects in vaccines are normally common, you should always consult with your doctor to find out if getting vaccinated is the right thing for you. Anyways, with the vaccines beginning distribution we will also see the United States and other countries slowly get back to normal. It will still not be as normal as it was back in 2019, but normalcy in small doses. This means we will see movie theaters start seeing people coming back to the theaters again little by little and we can already see that based on Wonder Woman 1984's box-office numbers for this weekend.

Wonder Woman 1984 made $16.7 million in the domestic box-office and $68 million in the international box-office tallying up to around $85 million in total box-office sales. While this would be considered a flop in the pre-COVID era, this actually makes the movie a huge success in the post-COVID era beating Tenet's opening box-office sales. That's not all, Wonder Woman 1984 even helped HBO Max gain millions of new subscribers. This really sounds more like the "win-win" scenario that Warner Bros. originally boasted about after announcing they were releasing their whole 2021 slate on HBO Max the same day as their theatrical release.

We know that right now Legendary and every other studio and agency in Hollywood are not too happy with Warner Bros. for their lack of communication about bringing all of the 2021 movies to HBO Max. It was slimy of Warner Bros. to not discuss about this plan with their partners, especially when Legendary has contributed 75% of the budgets for Godzilla vs Kong and Dune, but according to Deadline, Legendary has offered a deal with Warner Bros. that they can keep Godzilla vs Kong on HBO Max Warner Bros. coughs up $250 million and keep Dune a theater exclusive release so the movie can build up a potential franchise. I think after seeing how well Wonder Woman 1984 has done with the hybrid release, Legendary will probably be more curious to see how other movies releasing in the hybrid format will do.

Remember, Legendary was not opposed to putting Godzilla vs Kong on a streaming platform. They made the same offer to Netflix to premier Godzilla vs Kong on the platform at the same price ($250 million) before WarnerMedia stepped in and blocked it. To me, that sounds like Legendary was also not communicating with Warner Bros. and Warner Bros. probably learned about it through someone else. I think while Warner Bros. made the move to HBO Max to prop up subscribers, I also think it was from fear that their other partners will try to pull the same stunt thus causing this lack of communication and frustration between parties. I think a deal will be made fairly soon (hopefully) and Legendary and Warner Bros. will let bygones be bygones.

The latest we should expect to see any news concerning a trailer is early May. I know I said March as the latest, but with quick YouTube searches I have noticed every movie that has had a streaming release always had a trailer released between two to three months before or the same month as the movie's release. Last week, a trailer for Coming 2 America had dropped and is expected to release in March, which is in almost two months. Love and Monsters had its first trailer drop on September 15th and was released on October 16th on Amazon Prime and other VOD platforms. The Witches trailer dropped on October 2nd and was released on October 22nd on HBO Max. Based on this it can even be until the beginning of May before we see the trailer for Godzilla vs Kong. So if we still don't hear anything by March, I say it isn't a sign of delay and not to panic until news says otherwise. Even if the movie does get delayed we shouldn't panic anyways.

On top of that, the new anime series Godzilla: Singular Point will debut in April 2021 on Netflix. From 2017–2019, there were a trilogy of animated movies produced by Polygon Pictures and it was not received very well by fans and critics. The story was boring and sloppy, characters were unlikable, the CGI looks gross to the eyes, and Godzilla seemed soulless. Like there was no love put into creating the monster and it shows with the two directors working on those movies coming out saying they didn't like Godzilla in the first place. With Singular Point, CGI is at a minimum only the monsters, the show will be 13 episodes long giving time to develop the characters and the story, and is being worked on by a cross collaboration between Studio Orange and Studio Bones as well as some crew members that worked with Studio Ghibli. Those are THREE big name studios that are known for their award winning anime movies and shows meaning a lot of expectations are riding on Singular Point. It looks visually stunning, so far, and I am excited about it just as much as every other fan, but also keeping my expectations low until I see the show myself.

Another Netflix show to expect next year is Pacific Rim: The Black produced by Polygon Pictures. I will be watching it regardless if it is good or bad. I just don't have any faith in this show. I do not like the CGI style for the anime and Polygon used this same art style for their Godzilla anime trilogy movies and I was not a fan of it then either. I'm praying that this show has a better story, but not holding my breath for it.

This last expectation is more of an announcement for my blog. For 2021, I am going to experiment on making videos for the blog. I will not be uploading it on YouTube, Rumble, or anywhere else. The videos will be uploaded directly to my blog, so you don't have to go subscribe to another social media page to stay up dated. There will be a lot of experimentation to see what works and what doesn't work with these videos. So expect some of my blog posts to have videos attached soon.

Those are some of my expectations for 2021. What do you expect in 2021? Do you think we will get back to normal or do you think things will get worse? Let me know in the comments on what expect from 2021. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Parler, Minds, and MeWe pages to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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