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Godzilla vs Kong Moved Up To March

So we had quite the news bomb drop on us last night. Reported by Deadline, Godzilla vs Kong has been moved from its May 21 release date to March 26th.

This means the first trailer for the movie is not too far away. Possibly by early February the earliest is when we can definitely expect the trailer to drop.

Right now, we are waiting for Entertainment Weekly to drop the preview article for Godzilla vs Kong. The rule of thumb has been that EW will drop pictures of the movie first and then the trailer will drop a couple weeks later.

On top of that, IMDB has updated the roles of the cast and now we have confirmation that Shun Oguri will be playing Dr. Serizawa’s son, Ren Serizawa, and the organization for APEX will be known as APEX Cybernetics. It is unknown what their roles in the movie will be, but some people are speculating it has to do with our friend, [REDACTED].

There has been speculation as to why the movie was bumped up to March. One of them is Warner Bros is rearranging their schedule for this year to spread their releases out further apart. This is based on the upcoming Sopranos movie, The Many Saints Of Newark, being pushed back from March to September.

Legendary and Warner Bros. have been in talks of a deal ever since WB made an unexpected announcement of releasing all of the movies in theaters and on HBO Max last month, which blindsided all of their partners. The most recent news is that they were close to making a deal, which a part of the deal is for WB to pay $250 million just to keep Godzilla vs Kong on HBO Max and possibly make DUNE a theater exclusive release.

The question everyone seems to be asking is if this is enough time to market the movie? We have to assume that it will be. The marketing that we were used to in the pre-COVID era does not apply in the current post-COVID era. Movies are considered assets and Warner Bros. would not want to sit on potential money makers for too long. Whether or not the movie’s move to March is a good or bad idea is irrelevant. I can certainly say it’s a bold move, but I can’t say if this will be good for marketing if we have not seen what Legendary and Warner Bros. has in mind yet. I will also say that we should expect some changes in marketing. Godzilla vs Kong could possibly get only one trailer and then a few tv spots as we get closer to the movie’s release. You may even argue the opposite where we could get the same type of marketing like Wonder Woman 1984 where the movie had trailer drop galore. In my opinion that type of marketing is really over kill. We complained about Godzilla: King of the Monsters being too heavy on the marketing. So why should we treat WW84 and Godzilla vs Kong any different? Heck, we could just get a bunch of banners and posters with one trailer. We can complain about their marketing strategy after the movie is released. Until then, let’s wait and see what they do.

Lastly, new two second footage from an HBO Max ad has popped up showing Kong throwing the first punch at Godzilla. This is still the same aircraft carrier fight scene we keep being teased over and over. The clip starts off continuing from the clip of Godzilla jumping out of the water and landing on the aircraft carrier. Then, follows up with Kong throwing the punch at Godzilla. At least this time we see just how heavy that punch weighed and the hit landed HARD. We can even see more of the aircraft carrier scene and I can sort of see that the ship is sort of sinking. It's tilting towards the right side and there are explosions and smoke. I honestly think this ship will sink by the end of what I think is the first round. It looks awesome and it has me hyped.

What are your thoughts on the news? Does this news get you excited or worrie? Do you think moving Godzilla vs Kong to March is the right move or do you think this a bad idea? Let me know in the comments section on your thoughts of Godzilla vs Kong being moved up to March. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, and Gab to stay up to date for more news, review, and discussions.


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